There are a lot of Unused Content in FNaF World!

Shadow Freddy with Pizza Wheel 2

Carnival trouble2

One of the teasers on indiedb had Shadow Freddy with the Pizza Wheel 2 attack but in the Real game where Pizza Wheel 2 filled up was replaced with Esc Key

Overworld from Trailer


In the First trailer of FNaF World, Freddy can be seen walking around in a Overworld that looks like a early version of Fazbear Hills. In the second trailer the overworld was seen to be changed to a 8 bit overworld, then in Update 1 Scott changed it to be 3 D like in the trailer but it isn't like the overworld in the first trailer.

Ice Cave

In a Update to FNaF the website released two soundtracks Battle Theme and Ice Cave Theme the Battle Them Stayed in the Final Game but the Ice Cave was never used It is belived that it later became The Dusting Fields.

Brow Boy (Non Boss Sprite)


In the game files of FNaF World you can see a Sprite that looks like Brow Boy but more like the size of Ball Boy it is more small and it looks like a Non Boss kind of Baddie maybe Scott changed Brow Boy to become a boss or that was a early version of Ball Boy Who Nows?

Toxic Song Attack

Toxic Song

Another Unused Sprite is a Toxic Song attack, I belive it might of been some mix of Bash Jam and Toxic Bite it would have been used for a Phantom Animatronic, many belive it belongs to Phantom Mangle because in FNaF 3 Phantom Mangle makes a audio voice.