Mangle is one of the protagonists in FNaF World and one of the starter characters in the game.



G Similarly to other animatronics, Mangle is a smaller version of their original counterpart. The pink parts on their suit are now much more saturated, their hands now have pink paw prints and now just like the main three Toy animatronics from the main series, their head is one full piece while their bottom jaw is a separate part.


  • Hook - Mangle attacks one enemy with her hook, dealing damage.
  • Poppers - Mangle throws out little poppers at the enemies. Once the move is used more than once, the poppers will explode on the enemies.
  • Prize Ball - Mangle will throw out a prize ball, which will perform a random low tier attack.

  • On the original "Thank You!" poster, Mangle's eyes on its main head were swapped from the order they were in the series, a change that continued into its incarnation in FNAF World.
  • In the Mangle teaser, Mangle appears to be hanging, this caused a small amount of panic throughout the fandom as people feared for Scott Cawthon's condition.
    • Dawko, however, later confirmed Scott was alive and well.
      • Upon further inspection it would appear Mangle is holding onto the paddle ball in her mouth.
  • Scott Cawthon has answered the question if "Mangle is a boy or girl?" with the answer yes.
    • This makes some people jokingly say that Mangle is a Yes.
    • Others believe that he's saying that Mangle is a boy or a girl.