Foxy.exe is one of the minigames in Update 2 of FNaF World. According to Nightmarionne, it is a second class horror game that requires his code. The player controls Bonnie with the A and D keys and has to LISTEN to Withered Foxy to find the key to beat the stages.


The player is first greeted with a screen that resembles a computer screen with a single tree in the background and an icon labeled "Foxy.EXE". To properly start the game, the player must click on the icon twice, this momentarily causes the screen to be tinted red and blood drips from the top of the screen.

In the first stage, Bonnie simply needs to walk to the end without dodging any kind of obstacles.

In the second stage, Withered Freddy may suddenly appear. When Withered Freddy appears, Bonnie must immediately walk in the opposite direction until Withered Freddy goes away. After Withered Freddy goes away, it is safe to continue. If Bonnie moves slow enough, Withered Freddy may not appear at all.

In the third stage, the screen will become distorted with wavy patterns. As Bonnie progresses, kittens will start moving towards him. To avoid them, Bonnie must be behind dark objects that are shaped like buildings. Sometimes, it is necessary to backtrack to avoid the kittens.

Nightmarionne will be unlocked after beating this minigame.


  • Withered Foxy repeats one saying in each stage:
    • "Listen to my voice, and you will find the key."
    • "If you can see, how fast can you flee?"
    • "Be sure you'll step through the heart of madness."
    • If you get jumpscared 3 times he says "All your base are belong to us" referencing the meme of the same name